The Company
Forain is a company which has been acting since 1975 in Italy and abroad as single source supplier for design, engineering, procurement, manufacturing and commissioning of fully integrated modular systems for Oil and Gas treatment, production and transport.

Forain can offer professional engineering service with qualified construction activity for the best solution either technical or economical to any problem concerning gas treatment, metering and heating in accordance with the required standards.

Sphere of Activity

Forain's engineers have an extensive knowledge in design of:
Entrainments removal from fluids and gases
Fluids and gases separation systems
Fuel gases conditioning systems
Reducing and metering stations


Advanced Computer and CAD facilities
Mechanical Engineers
Pipeline Engineers
Project Management System
Instrumentation and Control Engineers
Engineering support Service


Forain has long standing experience in designing and supplying the following equipment:
Vane Separators
Multitube Separators
Filter Separators
Dry gas Filters
Basket Strainers
Water bath gas Heaters
Electric gas Heaters
Oil Separators
Quick Opening Closure
Launching and Receiving Traps
Flame Arrestors

Fully integrated modular systems for complete turn-key package units and skid mounted gas treatment units for:
Pressure Reducing and Metering

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